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I listen to a lot of podcasts during my commute to / from work, specifically in the mornings as I head into work it helps me with positive thoughts and helps me set the tone for the day.

There are a lot of great podcasts but there are times when a specific episode resonates with specific thoughts of mine and this podcast touches on one that really drives home personally.

#1: God helps those who helps themselves.
I’m not trying to delve into religion it’s just a quote that stuck in my head; I didn’t quite understand it for quite a while until some years ago.

#2: 80% of life is showing up.
I first heard this when I was preparing for my first Dog Brothers gathering; they have a reputation of being “sweaty, smelly psychopaths with sticks” and every year they have a gathering in which many people talk about doing but few show up.

#3 Life is choices.
The first time I heard this was in a vocational school for television production and engineering.  The electronic theory portion of the program was a great class.

I think some people get stuck on what seems to be the “superficial” surface of those statements.
While you listen to the podcast you will find yourself agreeing with Dr. Mark Cheng that wow it seems like he’s always happened to be in the right place in the right time, what a lucky guy! Even Dr. Mark Cheng says something to the effect of “My life has been series of lucky events.”

When Dr. Cheng made that comment I was reminded about my own career in InfoSec as well as my martial arts journey and being able to have trained with certain people.  I’m not sharing this to brag as I think I have been extremely fortunate in both areas.

Jarlo responds with “Yes, there is a certain amount of randomness but you chose to put yourself in those positions.” Which is true.

Dr. Cheng found himself in a place he did not want to be and he chose to act. He could have chosen a different path when Pak Victor DeThouars asked him to help a friend ( Guro Dan Inosanto.) He could have chosen not to assist Guro Dan which in led him to meeting Pavel Tsatsouline, he could have turned down Pavel when it came to meeting Gray Cook .

Another thing to think about is that if he didn’t work his butt off do you think any of the above people would have invited him or presented him with the choices in the first place??

Let’s go back to the aforementioned quotes

  • God helps those who helps themselves.
  • 80% of life is showing up. 
  • Life is choices.

In regards to the first two quotes, I think people just assume good things are going to happen to them just by asking for help or simply showing up. While exploring the origin of this quote I found the following page which is good food for thought:
God helps those who help themselves – is it in the Bible?

A picture of myself and a few friends at the Dog Brother which was covered by Nat Geo and became the "Fight Club" documentary.
A picture of myself and a few friends at the Dog Brother which was covered by Nat Geo and became the “Fight Club” documentary.

When I attended my first Dog Brother gathering, I didn’t just show up and hope for the best, a close friend and I trained almost daily for that event.

In terms of my career and being in the right place at the right time, I worked my butt off in order to be noticed by the right people and when I presented with opportunities I chose to accept and kept working my butt off.  I could have chosen NOT to accept and remained in my current situation.

A series of pics used in an article with Datu Kelly Worden in Martial Arts Presents
A series of pics used in an article with Datu Kelly Worden in Martial Arts Presents

In terms of my martial arts journey, I could have chosen to not go into Datu Worden’s school in Lakewood, WA which allowed me to be introduced to so many different systems and practitioners.

Essentially what I’m trying to get to is that in this life we have many opportunities to do things and sometimes its the little choices that we make that have an effect on the bigger choices and opportunities that we are presented with further down the road.

Anyway, the podcast touches upon many other subject please check it out, and if you enjoy it share it with like minded friends.

I’ll just leave this classic song right here:


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