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Protect Yourself Academy Martial Arts of Hawaii


  • Filipino Martial Arts – Escrima, Kali, Arnis
  • Self-Defense / Street MMA
  • Boxing – Western, Filipino, Chinese
  • Muay Thai
  • Kung-Fu – Tibetan Lama Pai, Tai Chi
  • Edged Weapons

Location: Honolulu, Hawaii

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Sifu Allan Jardin

Sifu Allan Jardin
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Water & Steel 2010

Why Attend Water and Steel 2010?
by Ken Smith

The camp, held annually on Raft Island, Washington, is in a wonderful setting overlooking the beautiful Puget Sound and offers waterfront access, cabins with bunks, showers, dining facilities, and even room to pitch a tent if desired.

The training covers the Worden Defense System – including Self Defense, Jeet Kune Do, Arnis/Kali, Filipino Staff, Anyo forms of Modern Arnis, Ground Defense, and technical applications of the Silent Fighter training simulator. The training curriculum is presented in easy-to-follow written module format that provides a structured yet progressive guide to enhance any practitioner’s  skill set. It is an opportunity to come together with other martial artists from Modern Arnis, Jeet Kune Do, Non-Classical Gung  Fu, Isshin-Ryu, Shotokan karate, Western Boxing, Combat Arnis, Silat, Sombo and countless others.  The training encompasses a 5-Range method of conceptual learning and flow movement that is unparalleled within the martial arts community and is recommended for men, women, and young adults, seeking to integrate the N.S.I. Worden Defense System into their personal life style for self-defense and progressive martial skill development. The camp offers something for every skill level – from a beginning practitioner to advanced instructors.

A typical camp day would consist of three excellent group meals and multiple training sessions of 1.5 to 2 hours, from mid-morning until late evening. Each participant’s skill level is evaluated as the training sessions progress, which allows adequate time for questions, answers, and technical refinement. It is personalized instruction at its very best.  It has been said by hundreds of attendees over the past 31 years that the specialized training and brotherhood at Water and Steel camps has changed their lives in positive and dramatic ways. Every participant’s experience is unique. The training is filled with physical challenges, while balanced for emotional and spiritual growth! The West Coast Water and Steel offers you an experience of a lifetime – an amazing opportunity to learn and refine technical skill sets, meet new friends, and enjoy the beautiful facilities of the Raft Island Retreat.

I have attended every West Coast Water and Steel training camp since 1993.  I have truly experienced the NSI Worden Defense System Evolution through the eyes of a student and now, for several years as an instructor both in ground fighting and the WDS curriculum.

The evolution of the art parallels the efforts of Kelly S. Worden to bring the best out of everyone who attends this exceptional training opportunity.

After many years of inviting world class instructors of differing styles and experiences, the West Coast Water and Steel instructional staff now consists of skilled, multi-disciplined martial artists from throughout the U.S. and Canada, and are fantastic ambassadors for the Worden Defense System.

It is these instructors and Kelly S. Worden that make the Water and Steel training camp incomparable. Each instructor’s personal perspective and experiences are shared, giving the students the opportunity to unify our mental, physical, and spiritual growth.  All the instructors share freely of their experience, ensuring that you receive the attention you deserve. As impossible as it may seem, Kelly S. Worden guarantees that every participant has a positive experience and satisfaction, or you attend the camp for free. To date, no one has ever been disappointed!

Call Kelly at (253) 678-7658 or email him at to register for camp, to be held September 3rd, 4th, and 5th on Raft Island, Washington


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Ola’a-Nalo 4th Annual Maui Open Tournament

4th Annual Maui Open Tournament

OLA’A-NALO ESKRIMA JUNGLE STYLE is weapons based martial art drawing influences from the various armed and unarmed fighting arts of the Pacific island jungles. Utilizing the outside passing movements of Derobio Escrima as was taught by the late Great Grandmaster Braulio Pedoy combined with the against the force blocks of Kali and Arnis, Ola’a-nalo Eskrima is an extremely versatile weapons system. Ola’a-Nalo the namesake of this martial system is dedicated to the Filipino, Chinese, Japanese and others that migrated to Hawaii and were assigned to the plantation fields of the Big Island of Hawaii and the fertile Waimanalo valley located on the island of Oahu, Hawaii.

Learn more about Ola’a-Nalo Eskrima by visiting them on


Ola’a-Nalo Website:

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Age 75, of Haleiwa, HI, passed away June 16, 2010 in Ewa, HI. Born February 9, 1935 in Waialua, HI. He is the professor of Waialua Branch of the Kali Association, Lontayao Martial Arts Organization.

He is survived by wife, Felisisima “Nancy” Albios; sons, Robin (Carol) Albios, Brian Albios; daughters, Romi Minami, Laura Ann (Ben) Mabini; 6 grandchildren; 2 great-grandchildren; brothers, Joning (Kay) Albios, Simpy Albios; sisters, Margie (Eddie) Nakamoto, Aggie Albios.

Visitation 5:30 p.m. Wednesday (July 14) at Mililani Mortuary Makai Chapel Wake service 6:00 p.m. Visitation also 9:30 a.m. Thursday (July 15) at St. Michael’s Catholic Church (67-390 Goodale Avenue, Waialua) Mass 11:00 a.m. Burial 12:30 p.m. Casual Attire. Flowers Welcome.

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reBlog from Tgace under: the things worth believing in

I found this fascinating quote today:

Some of the arguments center on the technique vs “muscle” issue. This is the ”so an 80 yo person can’t be a proficient martial artist if they are not training like a MMA fighter?” tack. This person argues the “use their strength against them”…”it’s all about technique, not strength”…”a fight will be over in seconds”… “conditioning and self-defense are separate disciplines” party line. They believe that martial arts are more about leverage, target selection and technique than the individuals physical conditioning. You tend to see many “traditional arts” people in this camp, especially “non-sparring” arts.Tgace under, the things worth believing in, Mar 2010

You should read the whole article.

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