Filipino Martial Arts: The Flow

One of the things you hear about in the Filipino Martial Arts is “The Flow.”

The flow as defined by long time internet resource the FMA FAQ
Obtaining the ability to flow in combat is the ultimate goal of a FMA practitioner. A student of the FMA attempts to smoothly move between theranges of combat without any disturbance in the transition. This requiresskills in all four of the ranges ( with and without weapons) , the ability toput motion and technique together continuously, and the sensitivity to fityour technique to your opponent’s. These attributes create a smoothness in combat which is called the flow.

One way I believe that his can be achieved is through “flow sparring” some call it “no wind” sparring, in this kind of “sparring” no contact is made. (Correction – No Wind Sparring is light energy, light contact and the stick doesn’t make that woosh sound when you swing) I’m not saying that this should take the place of regular contact sparring.  Sometimes I like to do it as a warm up before sparring with contact consequences begin.   I believe it is a way to helping a new student build some coordination and find his own natural movement while studying another person’s actions reactions in relation to their own.

Here is a good example of what I am talking about:
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