Awareness: The First Layer of Personal Defense

I missed the opportunity to attend a seminar by Datu Kelly Worden a couple of weeks ago; thankfully Guro Belton Lubas used the power of social media to share some righteous footage from the seminar; as I was watching the live stream I was literally blown away by what Datu was saying and couldn’t wait to blog about it!  A couple of months ago I wrote about the correlation between Critical Security Controls and Personal Security Concepts. Within the Cyber Security realm we want to be aware of all the devices and software within the computing environment (network) and those controls are defined here:

In my previous post, I exchanged “Authorized and Unauthorized” with Awareness. Therefore the concept can be applied to the realm of personal security a bit easier.  However our environment is more dynamic than the computing environment and has the potential to changes from moment to moment.  For example, when we are at home / personal dwelling it is a bit easier to determine what is “authorized and unauthorized.” When we leave that space and venture into the public space the environment becomes more dynamic and the sense of “authorized and unauthorized” applies to who and what we allow into our personal circle / bubble. Personal Safety then becomes more about the awareness of who and what is around us and at what range to we let them get into before having to go into fight or flight mode.

As we move between environments are we going to be actively engaged in awareness or are we going to stare at the phone and or walk around with headphones oblivious? Being unaware is a vulnerability that can be potentially exploited by a threat and compromise our personal security and our family’s security.

Awareness can be actively practiced with family members too.  I was talking with a good buddy and the topic of teaching family members to be aware of the surroundings when grocery shopping came up; an example is having the kids monitor the parking lot as the parent is putting away the groceries. When incidents occur in a parking lot it’s usually when the “victim” is unaware.

Anyway, I just wanted to write a quick post about awareness since the opportunity presented itself.

Thanks for reading!

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