Who Am I?

Who Am I?

Who am I
D. R. I.
Who am I?
Three simple words
Who am I?
A human being
Who am I?
This weird thing
Who am I?
Not what I seem

So I’ve been sharing and posting information about the new school that I will be teaching out of called The Washing Warrior Collective but what do you know about me?  Who is this guy that wants to enrich your life by teaching you the Filipino Martial Arts?

Simply put, I am Robert Koenig, a guy who seems like a regular guy but wants to give you the tools to protect yourself and the ones you live with a well known martial that is “simple” to learn but not as simple to master. I’m not going to take this opportunity to go on and on about myself, I just wanted to introduce myself and eventually I will put up an “About” page.

Pacific Northwest Roots 1992 – 2002
I was 22 years old when I stumbled upon Datu Kelly Worden‘s school in Lakewood, WA.  I attended the free session and thus began my Martial Arts journey.  Through Datu Worden I was able to train with many notable people such as GM Remy Presas, Richard Bustillo, Sonny Umpad, Bob Anderson, Jim Keating, Ted Lucay-Lucay, Leonard Trigg and more. Many years later due to circumstances I left WA for Hawai’i and when I left Datu said “It doesn’t matter who you train with just keep on training”

Hele on to Hawai’i 2002 – 2014 
I was living on Oahu for a couple of years before settling on a place to call my Martial home.  Hawai’i is actual rich with Filipino Martial Culture, I won’t go into a lot of details but many well known Filipino Martial Artists either have ties back to Hawai’i or passed through on the way to the mainland.  One of the most famous was Floro Villabrille who actually participated in actual Death Matches in the Philippines and on the island of Kaua’i. Another is GM Braulio Pedoy of the Derobio system and yet another GM Raymond Tobosa of the Tobosa Eskrima System. After dabbling in the other arts for a little bit I found out that Michael Tibbitts AKA DogZilla of the famous Dog Brothers was on the island I knew I had to go check out and see what he had to offer. It wasn’t until a little while later that I learned Burton Richardson aka Lucky Dog was on the island of Oahu as well.

Aloha Oe
The winds of change were blowing and I had a family by this time, Hawai’i is / was paradise but the cost of living was too much for me and I knew the cost of living in Washington state was much lower and there were all kind of other opportunities available for my family and I.

So here I am, rock you like a hurricane… 2015 – Present
Cheesy isn’t it but if you catch the subtle or not so subtle references you can tell that I really love music.  Anyway.. I’m back in the Pacific Northwest, first thing I did was reach out to Datu and attend the first seminar I could.  Unfortunately Datu was up in Tacoma, WA and I currently live in Vancouver, WA. In order for consistent training to take place the simplest thing was to look for an opportunity to teach and that opportunity finally came via a post on Facebook. I could have kept training by joining another school and I did for a bit but the more I thought about it, I already learned a great deal from Datu Worden, Mike Tibbitts, Burton Richardson and many other influence I decided it was time to strike out on my own.  Although Island Warrior Martial Arts actually began in Hawaii I only had a few private students and I was content with that but it’s time share my influences with others and like Datu Worden says if you train in the martial arts then you have a responsibility to share that knowledge with others so they may protect themselves and the ones they love.



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